SkiHome has been a member of BuiltGreenBC for a number of years and has completed in February of 2013 their first registered home at Panorama, BC, which achieved a Silver rating and an Energuide rating of 81

However, a green approach has been implemented by the company for all projects in its history from very simple procedures such as construction waste separation and recycling.

Typically a SkiHome project will have two bins on a site, one for non recyclables and the other for wood waste. In addition, all packaging is bundled and trucked off site to recycling.

Our construction methods have always involved an airtight envelope combined with superior insulation standards and the required ventilation with this approach. We are constantly trying to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

Our customers are informed about and given the choices of interior products and finishes, lighting, ventilation and insulation that contribute to a healthy home.

We feel that this approach produces the best product for our customers and we are careful to monitor the monetary impact to the overall cost of each project.