Building greener is important, not only for our environment but also to build healthier, more efficient homes.

Skihome is a BuiltGreenBC member, a R-2000 builder, and EnergGuide licensed.

In February 2013 we completed our first registered home which achieved a Silver rating and an Energuide rating of 81.  Since then we've been going strong completing at least one new custom home a year, and two developments that have added greener buildings to our community.


We didn't stop - or start - there.


Since the inception of Skihome we've taken a greener approach and have implemented procedures such as construction waste separation and recycling.

We constantly aim to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality, and our blower door tests are always low - which means a more comfortable home that costs less to operate.

Here are just some examples of how we incorporate green building practices;

  • higher efficiency windows that look stunning,
  • superior insulation standards that keep your home temperature more consistent,
  • LED lighting for more efficient energy use,
  • solar tubes for a natural warm light,
  • Energy Star appliances
  • ICF foundations that save time and money.

When it's time to build, Skihome will ask you what options that you would like to incorporate into your custom home for a healthier and more efficient build.


Take your first step to your next home and contact us for a free consultation: