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About Us

At SkiHome we care. We care about you, quality, design, time, expense, and the environment. You are the ultimate reference and the reason we do what we do.

We employ the best trades, construction methods and materials available to build a durable well fitted structure from top to bottom.

The design, including shape, scale, structure, finishes and colour will be immediately noteworthy upon completion, if done with thoughtful consideration to the neighbourhood, topography, scale and artful uses of materials and colours. We respect the design disciplines to be absolutely necessary to the achievement of great homes.

Time is money. Efficient management of time is paramount to a satisfactory outcome. We have the experience, knowledge, manpower and tools to make the management of time a priority achieved.

It is paramount to establish a realistic budget at the outset and monitor costs throughout the process. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to meet and exceed your expectations.

It just makes sense (cents) to build with a respect to the environment. From effective management of construction waste, to the use of the right construction methods and materials and the design of the home with attention to comfort and efficiency of operational systems, money is saved in the short and in the long term

SkiHome applies these principals to every one of its projects in the Columbia Valley from Fairmont Hot Springs in the south to Radium Hot Springs in the North and Panorama Ski Resort.

Contact Us

Telephone: 250-341-5290

Email: richard.unger@skihome.ca